2012. szeptember 13., csütörtök

Ide megyek szeptember 25-én. Jó nekem vagy jó nekem? :D

Fulbright Behind-the-Scenes: 
The School of American Ballet
Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Join One To World and other Fulbright grantees for an inside look at the prestigious School of American Ballet (SAB) founded by George Balanchine. Our visit will begin with an introduction by Director of Development, Meredith Robbins, who will talk about the history of the SAB and how it is able to run as a not-for-profit organization. Then, our Fulbright group will have the opportunity to observe an advanced techniques class taught by a former New York City Ballet principal dancer! After the visit, you are invited to continue the conversation with fellow grantees over lunch at a nearby café.

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